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Body Sculpting
Emsculpt NEO Abdomen
Emsculpt NEO Arms
Emsculpt NEO Back of Thighs
Emsculpt NEO Buttocks
Emsculpt NEO Calves
Emsculpt NEO Front of Thighs
Emsculpt NEO Inner Thighs
Emsculpt NEO Outer Thighs
Emtone Cellulite/Skin Tightening Treatment
Chemical Peels
PRX - Single
PRX Peel - Treatment Series
Facial Services
Custom Sculpt Facial
Fire & Ice Facial
Foaming Enzyme Facial
Glow & Go Dermaplane Treatment
Hydrafacial Signature
Sculpt Back Facial
Incontinenece & Intimacy Wellness
Pleasure Shot - Male or Female
Filler - Cheeks (per syringe)
Filler - Full Facial Balancing
Filler - Jawline (per syringe)
Filler - Lip Mini Plump
Filler - Lips (per syringe)
Filler - Radiesse
Filler - Renuva
Filler Dissolve - Hylenex
Lipo Fat Disolve (Kybella or PCDC)
Neurotoxin - Botox
Neurotoxin - Dysport
Neurotoxin - Jeuveau
Sculptra - Structure Building
Laser Services
IPL Arms & Hands
IPL Face
IPL Neck & Chest
Laser Hair - Arms
Laser Hair - Bikini
Laser Hair - Brazilian
Laser Hair - Face
Laser Hair - Full Back or Chest
Laser Hair - Full Legs
Laser Hair - Half Legs
Laser Resurfacing Face
Laser Resurfacing Face, Neck & Chest
Laser Vein Removal - Large Area
Laser Vein Removal - Small Area
Microneedling PRP
Microneedling Serum
Microneedling with Neck or Chest Add-On
Mirconeedling with PRF Facial Injections
PDO Threads
PDO Threads (Per Area)
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRF Injections
PRP Face Injections
PRP Hair Injections
RF Microneedling for Body & Face
Exilis RF Body Skin Tightening Treatment
Exilis RF Face Skin Tightening Treatment
Exilis RF For Body or Face Add-On
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