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Brow Shaping and Tinting
BRW100 Brow Lamination
BRW110 Brow Tinting
BRW130 Deluxe Brow
Eyelash Extensions
EE100 Eyelash Extns Full Set Classic
EE110 Eyelash Extns Full Set Volume
EE120 Eyelash 1 Week Fill
EE130 Eyelash 2 Week Fill
EE140 Eyelash 3 Week Fill
EE150 Eyelash Removal
Hair Color and Other
HCL10 Toner
HCL15 Balayage
HCL20 Color Roots only and Blow Dry
HCL21 Full Color Root thru ends blowdry
HCL25 Color Roots Haircut blowdry
HCL26 Full Color Haircut blowdry
HCL30 Partial Highlight Blowdry
HCL35 Full Highlight Blowdry
HCL36 Partial HiLite Haircut Blowdry
HCL37 Full Highlight Haircut Blowdry
HCL38 Color Partial Highlight Blowdry
HCL45 Color Partial Hilite Haircut Blowd
HCL60 Color Full Highlight Blowdry
HCL70 Color Full Hilite Haircut Blowdry
HCL75 Color Correction
Hair Extensions
HE100 Extensions Consultation
HE110 Sew In Extensions Implementation
HE120 Sew In Extensions Bead Move Up
HE130 Tape In Extensions Implementation
HE140 Extensions Removal
Hair Keratin Treatment
HCT180 Brazilian Blowout
Haircuts and Other
HCT100 Womens Blow Dry
HCT110 Womens Haircut
HCT120 Womens Haircut Blow Dry
HCT130 Shampoo
HCT150 Perm Blow Dry
HCT160 Perm Haircut Blow Dry
HCT170 Conditioning Treatment
HCT190 Bang Trim
HCT200 Mens Haircut
INJ100 Botox Consultation
INJ110 Dermal Filler Consultation
INJ120 Botox
INJ130 Dysport
INJ140 Dermal Fillers
INJ150 Revanesse Lips +
INJ160 Restylane Kysse
INJ170 Restylane Contour
INJ180 Restylane Defyne
INJ190 Restylane L
INJ200 Restylane Lyft
INJ210 Restylane Refyne
INJ300 Juvederm Ultra XC
INJ310 Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
INJ320 Juvederm Voluma XC
INJ400 Perfect Pout
INJ510 B12 Shot Methylcobalamin
INJ520 Biotin Shot
INJ530 Lipo Mino
INJ540 Vitamin D
IPL - Photofacial
IPL100 IPL Face
IPL110 IPL Neck Decollete
IPL111 IPL Face Neck Dec
IPL120 IPL Arms
IPL130 IPL Hands
IPL140 IPL Body
IV Therapy
IV100 IV Therapy BLean
IV110 IV Therapy Quench
Laser Hair Removal
LHR11 Underarms
LHR14 Half Legs
LHR15 Full Legs
LHR18 Bikini
LHR21 Extended Bikini
LHR24 Brazilian
LHR27 Lip
LHR29 Ears
LHR31 Full Face
LHR34 Half Arms
LHR37 Full Arms
LHR41 Half Chest
LHR44 Full Chest
LHR47 T-Shirt Outline
LHR51 Half Back
LHR54 Full Back
LHR57 Buttocks
LHR61 Beard Line
LHR64 Back of Neck
LHR67 Chin
LHR71 Ab Trail
LHR74 Areolas
LHR77 Full Body
Members Only Monthly Specials
ZO 3 Step Peel & Pre Prep products
Membership Monthly Tier 1 Services
Tier1 Carboxy Co2 Facial with peptide in
Tier1 Enzymatic Peel
Tier1 Flawless Signature Facial w/Dermap
Tier1 Hydrafacial Signature
Tier1 Hydrojelly facial w/LED
Tier1 Lip//Brow wax 1 monthly
Tier1 Microneedling
Membership Monthly Tier 2 Services
Tier2 Diamond Glo Facial w/Hydrojelly Ma
Tier2 Enzymatic Peel Neck & Deck
Tier2 Hydrafacial Deluxe
Tier2 Hydrojelly,Dermaplaning &LED
Tier2 Microneedling w/Exfoliation Accel
Tier2 Teeth Whitening
MN100 Microneedling - Face
MN120 Microneedling Stretch Marks Scars
MN130 Microneedling Hair Restoration
MN140 Microneedling - Body
Monthly Specials
MoMay10 Microneedling with ZO Enzymatic Peel
MoMay20 Dermaplane with ZO Stimulator Peel
Peels - Jessner
PLJ100 PCA Peel Hydroquinone Free
PLJ110 PCA Peel w/ Hydroquinone
PLJ120 PCA Peel Hydroquinone Resorcinol
Peels - TCA
PLT110 Ultra Peel
PLT120 Anti Aging Peel
PLT130 Hyperpigmentation Peel TCA
PLT140 Acne Peel TCA
PLT150 4% Retinol Peel
PLT160 Body Peel
PLT170 Hand & Forearm Peel
PLT180 6% Retinol Peel
PLT190 MD Peel
PLT200 Neck Decollete Add On to Peel
PLT210 Advanced Treatment Booster
Peels ZO
ZO 3 Step Peel
ZO Enzymatic Peel
ZO Stimulator Peel
Permanent Makeup
PM100 Permanent Makeup Consultation
PM110 Eyeliner Basic
PM120 Eyeliner Touch Up
PM130 Eyeliner 1 Year Touch Up
PM140 Microblading
PM150 Microblading Touch Up
PM160 Microblading 1 Year Touch Up
PM170 Eyebrows Machine Work
PM180 Eyebrows Machine Touch Up
PM190 Eyebrows Machine 1 Year Touch Up
PM200 Lip Liner
PM205 Lip Blushing
PM206 Lip Blushing Touch Up
PM208 Lip Blushing 1 Yr Touch Up
PM210 Full Lip
PM220 Full Lip Touch Up
PM225 Full Lip 1 Yr Touch Up
PM230 Areola Pigmentation
PM240 Areola Pigmentation Touch Up
PM250 Beauty Mark
RF Microneedling
RF100 RF Microneedling Face
RF110 RF Microneedling Neck Decollete
RF120 RF Microneedling Face Neck Dec
RF130 RF Microneedling Hands
RF140 RF Microneedling Arms
RF150 RF Microneedling Body
MN150 Curestem Therapy Relaxer
MN160 Curestem Therapy C20
ZO Brightening Serum
ZO Firming Serum
Skin Tightening \ Plasma Pen
ST220 Skin Tags NonCancer Moles Blemish
SC100 Dermaplaning
SC102 Consultation Skincare
SC110 Hydrafacial Signature
SC120 Hydrafacial Deluxe
SC130 Hydrafacial Platinum
SC135 Hydrafacial Add Neck Dec
SC136 15% Peel Hydrafacial
SC137 30% Peel Hydrafacial
SC200 Lunchtime Express Facial
SC205 Red Carpet Facial
SC210 Flawless Signature Facial
SC220 Pore Refining Facial
SC230 Acne Facial / Teen Facial
SC240 Diamond Glo Facial
SC260 Carboxy CO2 Facial
SC270 Carboxy CO2 Add On Neck Decollete
SC280 Carboxy CO2 - Forearms
SC290 Carboxy CO2 - Hands
SC310 Back Facial
SC320 Back Facial Extraction Add On
SC330 European Facial
SC340 Anti Aging Facial
SC350 Red Carpet Facial
SC380 HydroJelly Mask Facial
SC390 Estim LED Light Therapy
SC400 Estim LED Lite Thrpy Add Facial
SC410 Microdermabrasion - Diamond Tip
SC415 Advanced Treatment Booster
SC420 Pore Detoxification Treatment
SC440 Pore Refining Trmt Add on Facial
SC450 Enzyme Treatment Pack
SC460 Enzyme Treatment Add on Facial
SC470 Eye Treatment Add On
Teeth Whitening
TW100 Teeth Whitening - Pro Series
TW110 Teeth Whitening - Single
WX100 Waxing - Brow Shaping
WX110 Waxing - Lips
WX120 Waxing - Chin
WX130 Waxing - Full Face
WX140 Waxing - Underarms
WX150 Waxing - Bikini
WX160 Waxing - Chest
WX170 Waxing - Arms 1/2
WX180 Waxing - Arms Full
WX190 Waxing - Back 1/2
WX200 Waxing - Back Full
WX210 Waxing Legs 1/2
WX220 Waxing - Legs Full
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