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Hormones/Wt Loss
Hormone/Weight Loss Consultation
Hormone/Weight Loss Follow-up
Hormone/Weight Loss Member Follow-up
Pellet Insertion- Men
Pellet Insertion- Women
Weight Loss Shots
IV Therapy
IV Therapy- Beauty Blend
IV Therapy- Immune Boost
IV Therapy- MEGA Meyers
IV Therapy- Mental Health
IV Therapy- Meyers
IV Therapy- NAD+ Infusion
IV Therapy- Pregnancy Boost
IV Therapy- Super Immune
IV Therapy- Ultra Vitamin C
Ketamine IM
Ketamine IV
MC New - In Person
MC New- Under 21
MC Renewal
MC Renewal- Phone
MedSpa Consultations
Aesthetics Consultation
Filler Consultation
Tox Consultation
MedSpa Services
Acoustic Facial
Hair Removal- Half Body
Hair Removal- Large
Hair Removal- Medium
Hair Removal- Small
Hair Removal- XS
IPL facial
IPL- Decollete
IPL- Hands
IPL- Legs
IPL- Neck
M8 Body- Large 8x10
M8 Body- Medium 4x10
M8 Body- Small 4x5
Opus- Face
Opus- Neck & Decollete
Opus- Neck Only
RFMN- Face
RFMN- Neck & Decollete
TED Beard
TED Eyebrows
TED Head
Promo Event
Promo Event
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