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BHRT Follow Up
BHRT (Female) Follow Up
PHONE - BHRT (Female) Follow Up
BHRT Therapy
BHRT (Female) 3 Month Assessment
BHRT (Female) Initial Administration
BHRT (Female) Initial Lab Review
PHONE - BHRT (Female) 3 Month Assessment
PHONE - BHRT (Female) Initial Administration
Chemical Peel
Vivier Chemical Peel
Vivier Jessner Plus Chemical Peel
Consultation Aesthetic
Deluxe Clarifying Hydrafacial - Back
Deluxe Hydrafacial - Face
Express Hydrafacial - Diamond Glow
Express Hydrafacial - Get the Gunk
LED Light Therapy - Red OR Blue (Back)
LED Light Therapy - Red OR Blue (Face)
Lymphatic Therapy - Abdomen
Lymphatic Therapy - Arms
Lymphatic Therapy - Back
Lymphatic Therapy - Facial
Lymphatic Therapy - Legs
Platinum Hydrafacial - Face
Signature Hydrafacial - Arms
Signature Hydrafacial - Back
Signature Hydrafacial - Face
Signature Hydrafacial - Hands
Signature Hydrafacial - Neck & Decollete
Signature Hydrafacial - Neck Add On
Injectable Treatment
Consult Injectables
Filler 1/2 Syringe
Filler Dissolver
Glowtox Facial
PRP Facial
IV Health Drip
IV Boost IV Drip
IV Energy Drip 102
IV Glut Glow Drip
IV High C IV Drip
Laser Hair Removal
LHR- Inner Thigh
LHR- Abdomen
LHR- Beard Line Up
LHR- Bikini
LHR- Brazilian
LHR- Buttocks
LHR- Chest
LHR- Chest and Abdomen
LHR- Chin
LHR- Custom Area
LHR- Ears
LHR- Extended Bikini
LHR- Feet and Toes ADD on
LHR- Full Arms
LHR- Full Back and Shoulders
LHR- Full Brazilian
LHR- Full Face
LHR- Full Face and Neck
LHR- Full Legs
LHR- Half Arms (upper or lower)
LHR- Lower Legs
LHR- Neck (front or back)
LHR- Partial Face
LHR- Sideburns
LHR- Trail
LHR- Underarms
LHR- Upper Leg
LHR- Upper Lip
Laser Treatment
Skin Renewal/ Fractional 1540nm - Full Face
Stretch Mark Treatment/ Fractional
Ablative Laser- Custom Area
Ablative Lasering - Face
Active Energy Combined MG/1540 Treatment
Clear Lift - Face
ClearLift- Lift and Light/ Combo
Fractional 1540 Skin Renewal Hands
Intimate Area- Laser Lighting
IPL Treatment Cherry Angioma
IPL Treatment Pigmented Lesions Hands
IPL- Photo- rejuvenation /Chest
IPL- Photo- rejuvenation/ Face and Neck
IPL- Photo-rejuvenation/ Full Face
IPL- Pigmented Lesions/ Spot Treatment
IPL- Veins (15 minutes)
Laser Toe Fungus Treatment
Melasma/ Cool Laser - Custom Area
Melasma/ Cool Laser Treatment- Full Face
No Needle - Lip Flip and Blush
No Needle- Eye Lift and Lighten
Scar Removal/ Fractional
Tattoo Removal - Large (16 sq in)
Tattoo Removal - Medium (8 sq in)
Tattoo Removal - Small (4 sq in)
Tattoo Removal - Tiny (1 sq in)
Tattoo Removal - X-Large (36 sq in)
Topical Anesthetic Large Area
Topical Anesthetic Small area
Underarm- Laser Lightening
Medical LED Therapy
Medical LED Therapy
Micro Needling Acne Scars
Micro Needling Burn Scars
Micro Needling Face
Micro Needling Hair and Scalp Stim Of Follic
Micro Needling Stretch Marks
Micro Needling- Face and Neck
(PHONE) Ozempic Initial Start-up
Ozempic Initial Treatment Start-up
PRP Facial
PRP Facial
Topical Anesthetic
Topical Anesthetic Large Area
Topical Anesthetic Small Area
TRT Follow Up
PHONE - TRT Follow Up
PHONE - TRT Program 3 Month Assessment
TRT Follow Up
TRT Program 3 Month Assessment
TRT Therapy
PHONE - TRT Program Initial Administration
TRT Initial Lab Review
TRT Program Initial Administration
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